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    SEO optimization is complicated but exciting process. In order to achieve the best results need put a lot of effort.
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    Our SEO services helps Your business grow.
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SEO services

About SEO services

What is SEO - search engine optimisation

SEO services that we provide:


We do SEO audits for websites. We analyse your website and ensure that search engines can see and crawl your web pages.

Keyword research

we help you choose the right keywords and phrases that will get you found within the search engines and draw in traffic.


We'll configure your website so it meets search engine requirements. We'll make sure that your chosen keywords or phrases in website pages meet SEO requirements.

Penalty removal

Our SEO team may help you to remove penalties (from Google algorithms) for your website if some mistakes have been made in the past.

On-site SEO

we set up your SEO campaign, ensure that everything on your site meets the requirements of the search engines to help you rank higher.

Off-site SEO

we encourage natural link building to help you become a trusted website. We'll make trusted links to your website.


We can help to build online reputation for your business so you could survive in competitive world. We can create your own profile and build reputation in social networks, like Facebook, Linked-in. We write articles, post videos, publish photos, products photos of your own and submit them to popular sites.

Reports & Analysis

We provide data reports monthly, Google analytics, conversions, revenue, so the performance of the campaigns can be attributed back to the SEO investment & what matters to your company.



seo services

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SEO services

SEO services...

SEO services price depending from results which customer would like to atchieve.

SEO service price range for every keyword is from 100€ to 500€.

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