• Advertising on Google AdWords

    It's Pay Per Click (PPC) Management service.

    The most effective way of delivering paid traffic to your site is with paid search.

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Fastest ROI

Advertising on Google Adwords

For Your Business

We create and manage paid advertising campaigns, which create value for your business as well as a faster return on Your investment.

By analyzing the data we constantly strive for the best results at the lowest price.


Google search engine with excellent exceptional additional capabilities help you get much more than other types of advertising.


We get to know your business and create a strategy that will help to attract more new customers to your website.


Once we set campaign objectives we will create an campaign that best attracts new customers. Save your time and funds invested.


We run Google AdWords campaigns and ensure their professional management. We will ensure the effective use of the advertising budget for attracting more customers.

Advertising on Google AdWords


Advertisements are shown at the top, bottom and right sides of the SERP page.

Google AdWords advertising is created according to Customers keywords.

Advertiser is paying Only for the Clicks on ads.


We're always attracting new customers to your website by advertising on Google Adwords your business. We're creating and managing Google Adwords.

Reports and Analysis

Determine what type and how often to prepare and send you the report, which helps to determine the effectiveness of advertising on Google AdWords.


Created campaigns maintained and optimized in order to attract more customers as much as possible according to the chosen strategy for the client.

Testing and Opportunities

Testing of created campaigns is one of the most important stages of the campaign. We're checking it's opportunities to attract new customers to your website.

Advertising on Google Adwords

Fast and Efficient


Advertising on Google AdWords



Advertising on Google AdWords. How much it cost?

Advertising on Google AdWords price for click can be from 0,01€ up to 5€ or even more. Mostly this price depending on couple variables that are explained in article "Advertising on Google AdWords prices".

Why and when to use it?

Advertising on Google AdWords

  1. Advertising on Google AdWords measurable. Google AdWords is very flexible.
  2. Advertising on Google AdWords much easier than SEO.
  3. Advertising on Google AdWords much simpler than SEO.
  4. Advertising on Google AdWords attracting more new Clients.
  5. Advertising on Google AdWords can control the price of your ads.
  6. Advertising on Google AdWords helping faster overcome your competitors.
  7. Advertising on Google AdWords have possibility to Engage users with appealing ad formats (Text, image, video, or rich media formats).
  8. Advertising on Google Adwords more effective and better attracting customers.
  9. Your competitors are Advertising on Google AdWords.

SEO is always better in Long terms to advertise on Google comparing to a payed Google AdWords service.




How it works?

Advertising on Google AdWords

Selecting keywords and phrases

It all starts with the keyword search and analysis. Experienced professionals selects exclusively for your business-critical keywords. Can be chosen specific words or phrases, or irrelevant keywords keyword combinations. All this is done in order to attract more clients and effectively advertise your services or products online.


Google AdWords campaigns are prepared before publishing. It's realy important to plan them carefully. Your ads are shown together with your competitors on google search page. There's always greater competition between popular keywords and phrases.

Visibility in search results

Google AdWords ads can be displayed on Google search page and all Google partners. Advertising ads are shown for all users who's searching for services or products. Here mainly awarded those who have their ads descriptions smarter and better to pick keywords and ofcourse the result depends on the budget for each click. Advertisements can be controlled and edited, adapted according to your needs.

Advertising Google AdWords

Advertising on Google AdWords provides an excellent opportunity

For your business to attract more customers to your

website and become one of the successful online businesses.

Advertising on Google AdWords Our 8customers have rated our services5out of 5 5

WHY advertise with Google AdWords

  • Pay only for Clicks +

    You're not paying for Impressions of your Ads
  • You set the price +

    We can control the price for Click on Ads with Google AdWords
  • Ads appear for targeted audience +

    All Your ads appear only for those Internet users who's searching on Google for selected keywords. You can choose country
  • It's Faster than +

    Advertising on Google Adword is much faster then SEO optimisation. Your ads can be shown on Google the same day.
  • Flexible and measurable +

    Advertising on Google AdWords is flexible and measurable. We always provide reports for ad impressions and clicks.
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Google AdWords advertising

Advertising on Google AdWords prices may depend from desired result, your chosen keywords, country where you want to advertise and from position which you'd like to reach on the first page of google.

Begin advertising on Google AdWords right now!

SEM express
Fast and cheap


Your budget

Google AdWords campaign (50£) + minimum budget for advertising on Google (90£) + Reports monthly.

SEM min
Fast and detailed

Google AdWords campaign (50£) + minimum budget for advertising on Google (300£) + Google analytics account configuration (50£) + Reports monthly.

SEM medium
Fast and effective

Google AdWords campaign (50£) + minimum budget for advertising on Google (1000£) + Google analytics account configuration (50£) + Reports monthly.

SEM multi
3x SEM min

Three different Google AdWords campaigns (3x50£) + minimum recomended budget for advertising on Google (3x500£) + Google analytics account configuration (50£) + Reports monthly.

We are open to your suggestions, we are flexible and fast acting company. Call us and we'll help you get traffic to your website with fast and powerfull advertising on Google AdWords.

Google AdWords price Per Click varies from 0,10£ up to 1€ or even more.

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